Visiting the moon. No drama.

von MaryamSamara

Ich schäme mich noch immer in Englisch zu schreiben, aber möchte es gerne lernen, mich trauen. 

Diese komische Geschichte war in meinem Kopf als ich heute mit Kopfschmerzen aufwachte. Vielleicht ist sie ja wahr, dachte ich mir, denn ich sah die Dinge, die mich traurig machten in ihrer Lächerlichkeit, in dem ich sie sah, wie sie höchstwahrscheinlich wirklich sind. 

Visiting the moon- a journey i will never forget.

The Moon lent me his glasses-literally he did.

After expression of amazement from my side

I realized the absence of drama from up here

I sighed relieved over the peacefulness

and wondered:We draw moonlight over our dramas

all the time, covered in your light. And up here: Nothing!

The moon looked at me indulgently and after that

he gave me a great speech about our silliness

while I was sitting in his rocking chair

listening silent, humble, patching up my recent history besides,

becoming stronger with every word he said,

becoming untouchable,

but in a good way. I suddenly and certainly knew:

No one ever would get me by a wink of his eyes or whatsoever again.

I was untouchable, surrounding with lovely feelings inside,

sighing and saying: Dear moon, now I understand. Finally! Thank you so much for showing me and sharing

your wisdom with me. Farewell, my beloved. I now have to return to Mother Earth, but I will remember you- promise!- every time I look at the sky.

He suddenly jerked and raised his voice and cried in anger: NO! How dare you, you ungrateful bitch. After all, what I taught you, after all what I have done!!

I was still silent in shock as he already bagged me: Please forgive me! Please don´t leave me. Against my will, I fall in love with you. From now on you are my sun and without you, I will never shine again!