Letter to yourself

von MaryamSamara

Instead of sore you choose* healing
In form of forgiveness
In form of love.

Instead of pain
You focus on happiness
Finding the greater understanding of what is happening.

Instead of blaming the lover and your mother (for not telling you, you are worthy
of all good)
You choose to break the circle of lack: look in the mirror and tell yourself the truth of your worthiness.

Your not denying your wounds, nor hunting for shallow comfort,
but choosing deliberately reconciliation
for there is no other way worthy going.
for you learnt, every relationship needs determination.

Your not denying the causes or the sadness,
but declaring your independence
and your ability to heal, to (for)give, to love.

Dont spend more time asking yourself questions.
Or giving yourself the answers. In the end, they don´t matter.

Start to give yourself what you were looking for
in all the wrong places!!
Start to forgive yourself for your needyness.
Start even when you feel that your decision
don´t reach your inner self-
yet. it will. Be patient (but eager).

Just one thing: Do not weaken in your decision
for you were blaming the one, who weakend.
Just another thing:
I love you already for your braveness
and willingness to grow.

With kind regards ❤

*to put your focus on